Can you send me a print catalog?
To receive a free printed catalog in the United States and Canada, please send us your address to the following email address condortk@imacasa.com and we will mail you a printed one.
How do I proceed if I have some issues with my Condor knife and I want to claim the warranty?
To analize your claim, please send us a picture of your Condor product to the following email condortk@imacasa.com; include your address as well. We will get you a replacement if the issue is approved by our Quality Department. Note: we return only the knives and axes, not the sheaths.
Can I have a refund for a Condor product?
If you don’t want a replacement for a warranty item; after you send us the item back, please send us a copy of your receipt and your Pay Pal account number to proceed with a refund.
Do you sell replacement parts?
Sorry, we don’t sell replacement parts for the moment.
Can you sponsor my organizations and/or donate products for an event?
Please send us a letter detailing your request to the following email condortk@imacasa.com.
When can I get the new products?
We expect to start shipping our new lineup during April / May. Please check our dealers worldwide to confirm availability Where To Buy.
I have a blog/website/YouTube /Facebook page, etc.; can you please send me a product to review it?
Please send us an email detailing your proposal to condortk@imacasa.com and we will consider your request in our yearly marketing program.

Diamond stone then move to a wet stone.

Belt sander is probably the best with 120 grit paper. File would be the next best.

Use sand paper on a flat surface with a mouse pad underneath to give it a cushion. Work the blade so not to cut the paper start with 100 grit finish with 200-300 grit.

Note: the best scandi grind is 12 degrees.

Do you sell extra sheaths?
Sorry, we do not offer replacement sheaths.
I’m left handed and I would like a custom sheath, do you make them?
Sorry, we don’t make left handed sheaths.

Where can I buy Condor products?
You can find a list of our authorized dealers worldwide in the following link: Where To Buy
I want to become a Condor Dealer, what can I do?
Please send us your company information to the following email condortk@imacasa.com, in order for us to send you the terms and conditions for becoming a dealer. You may also consider buying direct from one of our current dealers worldwide Where To Buy.