Online casino now also in Thuringia

A new edition of the Thuringian Gaming Act makes it possible: online casino games will be allowed in Thuringia. The members of the state parliament had voted on the corresponding amendment last week and passed it by a majority. This clears the way for casino games on the Internet, which should already be regulated by the new gambling treaty of 2022. However, no concessions will be granted by the state to private providers, but will provide opportunities themselves.

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Already decided since November

Already at the end of last year, discussions took about the change of the gambling law. In November 2022, the deputies had voted in favor of the measures. Subsequently, the bill still had to be submitted to the Commission. Only then could the associated begin, which has now been completed. With the fact that would not issue any concessions to private providers, Thuringia created a virtual.

In Germany, by the way, online gambling has only been permitted since July 2022. Before that, only Schleswig-Holstein had a special regulation. No licenses for gambling were issued. Due to this, many casinos experienced failures, in particular, jeetwin account lock. After the adoption of the State Treaty on Gambling in Germany, this has changed and gradually the states are making new decisions. Now casino operators can create legal online offers in this country as well. Of course, it was also possible to bet on the Internet before. However, these providers were then on the move with licenses from Malta or Curacao, for example.

Criticism of the new gambling treaty

Despite all the joy about the German licenses, there is also more and more criticism, because the new gambling treaty allows poker, but prohibits banker games such as blackjack and roulette. In addition, the issue of data protection is also viewed critically, as the new gambling contract allows massive amounts of data to be viewed and collected. There are also accusations that users' gaming behavior is restricted if, for example, deposit amounts are limited.

Measure is intended to protect players

Thuringia is not the only state to rely on the procedure of leaving online gambling entirely in state hands. This measure is primarily intended to protect consumers. Furthermore, the risk is particularly given in so-called banker games, since the banker himself acts as a provider and participates in the game. This applies, for example, to the popular roulette.